TrailWatch and volunteer participants revisited the Little Hawaii Trail in Tseung Kwan O, marking the first Waste Audit after the start of the 2023 hiking season. The trail rubbish survey has also been updated as the pandemic situation has passed. Based on past records, the top three types of trail rubbish are cigarette butts, food packaging, and tissue paper. These items will be the focus of rubbish monitoring this season. Despite a year passing since our last visit, the issue of large-scale waste dumping along the Little Hawaii Trail remains unchanged. We will continue to report these incidents to the government authorities.

The entrance to the Little Hawaii Trail is adjacent to the parking lot. Before setting off, everyone gathered and divided into groups to familiarise themselves with the process. During this time, one participant discovered a large amount of discarded car parts and related trash in the bushes. We cleaned up other miscellaneous rubbish such as single-use plastic bottles, and then reported this rubbish hotspot via the TrailWatch App.

Incorporating guided tours into the Waste Audit activity aims to increase participants' interest in Backyard Trails. After walking along the ancient trail and learning about its history, we all raised the question of whether there might be better conservation methods available.

Compared to a year ago, the amount of rubbish collected this time increased by 170 items and 4.5kg. During the sharing session, participants expressed their appreciation for the newly-added guided tour section in the TrailWatch app, which helped them understand the stories behind the trail.

Additionally, some participants found it meaningful to participate in the Waste Audit for two consecutive years, as it allowed them to make comparisons and observations. Once again, a heartfelt thank you to all participants, and we hope that the Waste Audit will encourage hikers to cherish local natural areas and take proactive steps in maintaining cleanliness along the trails.

Summary of 2023 Little Hawaii Trail’s Waste Audit

Total weight of rubbish: 12.2kg (8 bags of rubbish with a total of 519 items)

- No. of Cigarette Butt: 84

- No. of Food Packaging: 44

- No. of Tissue Paper: 57

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