Since 2014, TrailWatch has served as an important information platform for public engagement. With over 190,000 registered users, it has provided impactful services to hikers, researchers and country park policy developers. As a hiking app, hikers can use it to plan and track their route and on top of that, to monitor the trails with us via the incident reporting function. Users are encouraged to report waste dumping on trails, “illegal structure” and heavy use of concrete on forest or slope trails, vandalism and suspicious clearance of vegetation and plants.

Accessible Trails

The project was founded by Wheel Power Challenge and Oasistrek in 2017, and TrailWatch joined as a partner and supported the programme in 2018. The first element of the programme is the verification of routes and facilities, the second element is to bring wheel-chair users, their family members and other volunteers to co-create an actual field experience. Another important element is to educate volunteers and caretakers on empathy, social community support, and how to create a satisfactory, inclusive and enjoyable experience with wheel-chair users.

Waste Audit

Waste Audit is a public education project that started in April 2021, inviting users of TrailWatch and members of the public to take part as volunteers to clean up trails, and to record (by way of information, data and images), the rubbish cleared from the trails using the TrailWatch App. At the end of each activity, TrailWatch staff will organize and formulate data gathered from the event. Data is shared with government departments for follow-up; data and insights on solutions are shared with the general public.

Coastal Trail Challenge

This annual event is aimed at encouraging healthy lifestyle, promote accessibility, connectivity and appreciation of the natural and historical heritage along the Hong Kong island coastal trail. The Coastal Trail Challenge is a fascinating journey around Hong Kong Island’s coastline. Participants can choose to walk or run partially or full length of 8 stages, a total of 65 km. A scavenger hunt app is included for leisure walkers of the event to explore the different areas, whereas the runners can choose to compete in 10km, 25km and 65km races.