In the first four months of 2023, TrailWatch has organised Waste Audits in Peng Chau, Amah Rock, Mau Tsai Shan and Duckling Hill. Through recording trail rubbish during the Waste Audit events, participants found that the number of anti-pandemic related rubbish dropped significantly from 221 pieces in 2021 to 49 pieces in 2023. Unfortunately, the amount of other kinds of rubbish is still shocking.

Since Earth Day 2021, more than 200 people have joined the Waste Audit and hiked different trails with us. Not only did we find unexpected rubbish on the trails, but we also learnt about the special features of backyard trails as well as the local ecology. During a recent sharing session, we were happy to hear that some participants told us that they started to organise waste audits with friends on their own, and some other participants became more active in using the Incident Report function of the TrailWatch App.


A total of 3,113 pieces of rubbish were collected from Jan to Apr 2023.

The Commonly Found Rubbish in the Countryside:

◎ Food Packaging - 658 pcs (21%)

◎ Plastic Bottles - 232 pcs (7%)

◎ Anti-pandemic Items - 49 pcs (2%)

Other Rubbish - 2,174 pcs (70%)

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